Neglect cases just want to make us cry and this is one…

Neglect cases involving animals are all too common, and the discovery of a dog early Friday morning in Long Beach, California just wanted to make all of us cry. The heartbreaking photo of the emaciated dog, that likely was left abandoned on the side of the road, has gone viral.

Animal rescue volunteer Sarah Rogers posted the dog’s  photo and plight asking for help.


This dog was just found in LB. The finder cannot hold onto the dog and would like to find a rescue to do a stray hold and give this pup some much needed TLC and vet care. AC has been called but may not be out immediately so it would be great if a rescue could be found before then. Please share!”

Animal Control arrived and picked him up. By mid morning, the dog had arrived at the shelter and has been reported to be doing better. While waiting for help, volunteers gave the dog food and water, and he seemed to have perked up.

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