Neglected dog Sam brought to shelter as owner ‘wanted him out’

In Houston, Texas, Sam was brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter by his owner on Thursday who told the staff he “wanted him out.”

“Not sure if the owner really meant kicking out since he cannot care better for his dog, because Sam is not discarded furniture,” a shelter volunteer wrote on social media. “He is a living creature who has been neglected for sure.”

And so Sam arrived at the shelter infested with fleas, a conjunctivitis type infection in at least one of his eyes along with an ulcer, limping and coughing; all of these health issues surely didn’t happen in a day or two.

It would seem as if Sam’s health was just ignored until his condition could no longer be overlooked. Instead of taking Sam to a veterinarian for treatment, his owner decided it was easier to dump this poor guy at the shelter.

Sam is a neutered male, schnauzer mix, seven years old and weighs 20 pounds. He has tested positive for heartworms and will need treatment.

Check out his video: (Copy and paste the following URL into your browser to view)

PetHarbor adoption listing:

SAM – ID#A552779.

My name is SAM. I am a neutered male. I look like a black Schnauzer – Standard mix. The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old. I weigh 20.00 pounds.

For more information about Sam, call Harris County Pets at (281) 999-3191. Ask for information about animal ID number A552779.

As of today, Sam has no interest; he needs funds and donations and a foster home to commit to care for him until he is ready and healthy enough to be adopted. He has been described as “very laid back” and loving. Follow his plight on Facebook here. Please share with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. What better time to give of yourself than now – why not rescue a dog?

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