Neglected victim of hoarding case had been left in a crate to suffer

Tabitha is a victim; she was rescued from a hoarding case in Louisiana this week by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Her photo has made everyone sad, angry, depressed and at times hopeless. Who would treat any dog like this?

On Wednesday, Tabitha, Russel and Louie joined the family of Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC. Russel and Louie’s stories will soon be shared, but for today, it’s Tabitha’s turn.

“We were told that when this other ‘rescue’ took her in that her legs looked much better. We were also told that the days these dogs were removed from the property that Tabitha was in a crate under the porch, covered by a blue tarp!

“…The thermometer on the wall read 114 degrees. The suffering here is beyond words and we know 3 of the pups have died,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization posted on the organization’s Facebook page under the heartbreaking picture of Tabitha.

Tabitha is expected to need extensive, multiple orthopedic surgeries and care. Besides her leg deformities, veterinarians are also concerned about her spine. According to her rescuers, Tabitha just seems as if she has given up.

Everyone will try their best to give this dog back her life.

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Read about the Louisiana hoarding case here.

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