Newly adopted pup returned after 1 week because he has energy

A beautiful pup was returned to an animal shelter just one week after adoption because his new family did not appreciate his energy. The German shepherd, named Sam, is now waiting at the Balch Springs Animal Shelter (Texas) for someone who knows what to expect from the breed.

On Wednesday, the shelter wrote:

This is Sam. Sam has been returned to the animal shelter after being adopted a week ago. His adopter was unable to handle a Shepherd pup with the energy of a Shepherd pup. He is friendly with humans and dogs. He just needs an owner who can handle the breed.

German shepherds are intelligent, devoted dogs who thrive with training and consistency. Sam will undoubtedly be a faithful companion for someone knowledgeable of the breed.

Adopting Sam

Adoption fee is $70 which includes neuter vaccinations and microchip.

Location: 3117 Balch Springs Road 751080.

Phone: 972-557-6035

Facebook thread for Sam here.

ID# 44060261

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal shelter.

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