Nine-year-old boy donates year’s supply of dog food to animal shelter

A nine-year-old boy, with an exceptionally good heart, recently donated a year’s supply of dog food to a Pennsylvania animal shelter. His name is Caleb Merron and he was in the position to make the generous donation after winning a photo contest with an image of his two dogs.

As reported by Wayne Park News, Merron secured a year’s worth Purina dog food after the picture of his bulldogs, Charli and Sadie, won the “fan favorite” contest. The Dessin Animal Shelter is the lucky recipient of the boy’s generosity. Caitlyn Robbins, with the Dessin Animal Shelter, told WNEP News:

“Recently we haven’t really been getting the trucks filled with the broken bags and everything, so every little bit helps. This food will probably last us at least six months if not longer which is a huge impact for the animals.”

Caleb’s mom, Nicole, thanked supporters after the big win was announced:

Just wanted to thank everyone for their shares and votes for our beautiful girls, they said we won by a landslide!! As soon as we get the coupons we will be getting them up to Dessin! We will make sure that we give Roxy, Charli and Sadie a special treat for being so awesome!🐾❤️

Way to go Caleb!

Want to do something for your local animal shelter? Consider hosting a party and asking guests to bring dog/cat food or pet supplies. Shelters can always use gifts of cleaning supplies (bleach!), food, cat litter, and toys.

(Stock image via Pixabay)

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