O boy! Horse stuck in muddy hole for two hours rescued

The San Diego Humane Society came to the rescue of a horse on Thursday in Gustay. The horse, named Tucson fell into a muddy hole, and he couldn’t get his legs out from beneath him to escape. For two hours Tucson struggled, but with no luck.

It was the Emergency Response Team who arrived and used rope rescue techniques to free him from the hole. He was treated for minor injuries and dehydration and is expected to make a full recovery.

Check out the video:


“It is with the upmost gratitude that SD Humane Tec Rescue team responded quickly to save the life of Tucson. Well done! I’d like to thank each of the team members that responded from Vista, Bonsall, san Diego city and were ready to set up the technical rescue. It took a couple of hours, freezing, light rain, mud, and yet they continued until Tucson was up. He is resting up in his barn tonight all due to the hundreds of hours training for a call out. I thank you all, and so does Tucson.”
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