Officer brings food and water to skeletal dog found collapsed on road

A skeletal dog, found collapsed in the middle of a road near Kansas City’s Swope Park, was shown kindness by a Kansas City, Missouri, police officer. On Tuesday, KC Pet Project recounted how the officer helped the badly neglected dog:

The dog was laying in the middle of the road while cars passed by him, so the officer stopped to help him. He went down the street to get the dog an egg Mcmuffin and some water from McDonald’s and said that he drank for 5 minutes straight.

The dog, described as one of the “skinniest” ever seen by KC Pet Project, was taken to the animal shelter for veterinary care. He has been dubbed Magai (for miracle) by a KCMO animal control officer.

Magai weighs in at a dismal 30 pounds and scores a zero on a Body Condition Score (out of 9). Magai’s body is completely wasted away…his fat and muscle are gone and he is said to be “the skinniest he could be” without being starved completely to death.

Magai is currently hospitalized and receiving life saving care. Donations for Magai’s care can be made on the KC Pet Project Facebook page here.

(Image via KC Pet Project)

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