Officer finds puppy trapped inside of parked vehicle on hot day

On Sunday morning, officers in Columbia, Mississippi, were alerted to the presence of a puppy locked inside of a parked car. According to the Columbia Police Department Animal Control & Rescue recounted what was found, writing:

Owner was nowhere to be found. One our officers were able to get the pup out of the car because of the crack left in the window, he provided water and a place for the little puppy to cool down.

Though the puppy’s owner was not cited for her horrible decision making, the officer did “educate” her. The agency writes:

I didn’t issue a citation, but I did educate the female who was fanning herself while standing in the hot parking lot. I told her if it’s hot to you standing here in this parking lot with a light breeze blowing imagine how hot it is in your car with no air circulating, no water, a solid black fluffy puppy who was left while you walked across the parking lot to do whatever.


If it’s hot standing here, it’s even hotter in the car. Classic response was “I didn’t know you couldn’t leave animals in the vehicle” REALLY “Dus thou not have common sense?” ****its fun to read that with a British accent****

Bottom line – do not leave your dog inside of a parked car. The temperature can climb to a deadly level in a short period of time, subjecting your pet to a horrific amount of suffering and possibly, death.

(Screenshot via FB – from Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, shared via Columbia Police Department)

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