Officer smashes window to save dog locked inside hot car

Footage shows a police officer in the United Kingdom smashing a car window to rescue a dog locked inside the heat.

Dogs (scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris) are of a mammal class under the genus Canis. They are a subspecies of the wolf species. The fact that dogs are a relative of the wolf specie would explain the fact why a lot of dogs, especially the Siberian Husky breed, looks a lot like wolves. Dogs are omnivores by nature (contrary to the belief of most humans that dogs are carnivores). Dogs are also the first species to be domesticated by human. This fact might explain why humans and dogs are so closely bonded.

People always hear the common saying “A dog is a man’s best friend”. This saying has been around for ages already. It being around for ages is testament to the fact that this saying is absolutely true. It is definitely true since even during pre-historic times, dogs have always been at the side of humans. Dogs helped humans hunt for food or in taking care of livestock. Dogs also protect humans from dangers. They even risk their lives just to make sure their beloved humans are alive and well. Unfortunately, the relationship between humans and dogs is mostly one-sided. This means that dogs are usually the giver while humans are usually the taker. Fortunately, a dog’s faith in humans is not all lost as shown in this video.

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