Ohio woman charged with body slamming and punching puppy

In Butler County, Ohio, a woman has been charged with body slamming and punching a puppy in her care. Gabrielle Johnson, 32, has been charged with abusing a black Labrador puppy at her home.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, social media page, Sheriff Richard Jones reported on Wednesday the Butler County Dog Warden had been called out to a residence in Monroe after several 911 calls had been received referencing the abuse of a puppy.

A witness observed a woman through her glass door abusing a puppy. The witness stated she could hear the puppy howling and yelping in pain until it no longer moved; the woman reporting the abuse thought the puppy had died.

The dog was seized by Animal Control and is expected to make a full recovery.

“Companion animals are just that, companions. You do not mistreat or abuse them and if you do, you will face a judge. It won’t be tolerated,” stated Sheriff Jones

Johnson was charged with Cruelty to a Companion Animal 959.131b Misdemeanor 1.

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