Old boy – owner was going on vacation and decided dog should die

A senior dog, nine years of age, nearly lost his life when his owner scheduled a two month trip overseas…according to the Desperate Dogs of Long Island, Hercules apparently wasn’t worth saving and his owner planned to have him put down.

The sad situation is explained on the networking page:

Nine years. Yes, nine years his owner had him- he was brought to the States from Ecuador as a puppy, however when his owner scheduled a 2 month trip to China, he didn’t feel Hercules was worth boarding- it was easier to have him euthanized.

Hercules is STILL alive – and now he needs an owner who will be committed to him for the remainder of his life. The following information has been shared about this senior dog:

 He has spent the last month in obedience training, graduated with flying colors, and knows all his commands. He is a stress free happy dog that loves to play with other dogs, and a home without cats is preferred.
Hercules loves to please, he is housebroken, neutered, up to date on shots and he is in fine health.

Interested in learning more? Please direct questions to:  info@puppykittynyc.org

Location: Queens, Long Island, New York

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