On 90-degree day, woman left dog inside of car parked at Walmart

On a sweltering, 90-degree day, a woman left her dog inside of a car parked at a Walmart in Niagara Falls. As reported by Buffalo News, the dog was in obvious distress inside of 73-year-old Bernadette R. Wagner’s vehicle last Wednesday.

Wagner was cited for confinement of a companion animal in a vehicle in extreme heat – her dog, who was spotted “panting heavily” in direct sunlight on the car’s seat, was taken to the Niagara County SPCA. The temperature inside of the vehicle was 116-degrees by the time that the dog was rescued.

No word on the dog’s current condition.

It should go without saying, do not leave dogs inside of parked cars even on moderately hot days. Interior vehicle temperature can climb to a deadly level in a short period of time. If you spot a dog inside of a parked vehicle, please contact the authorities or local animal control officer for assistance.

(Stock image of car)

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