‘Out with the old’ dog so owners can make room for new puppy

Meet Goliath – a six-year-old Great Dane surrendered to a Texas shelter by his owner, and not too long after that scheduled to be humanely euthanized because he has no adoption offer pending.

ARF-Texas [Animal Rescue Foundation] is a foster based program. Fosters are what keeps saving the animals in Guadalupe County. The organization does try to help dogs from all over the state, although the local shelter rescues are a priority. As long as foster homes are available, the rescue will help any dog in need.

“Here we go AGAIN! Out with the old so that they can make room for the new . This amazing 6 year old Great Dane was owner surrendered to the shelter and is now on the euthanasia list.”

” Clearly needs some cheeseburgers and a comfy bed! He doesn’t deserve to be dropped off at a shelter and left. They said he is skittish – we don’t buy that – people say all kinds of stuff to make themselves feel better about surrendering…”

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