Overbred and emaciated Cane Corso dumped at Kansas shelter

It was on Sunday morning near Wichita, Kansas, when the owner of an overbred and emaciated Cane Corso decided it was time to dump her dog. A team member from Beauties and Beasts, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue dogs on death row, saw the poor pup in the intake room.

“Our hearts shattered seeing her horrific condition and we immediately reached out to the shelter,” the organization posted on their social media page under the heartbreaking photos of the dog named Majesty.

Majesty was transferred to their partner veterinarian hospital where she is now being provided with the best medical care.

Most of Majesty’s history and past life is still unknown. The staff at the hospital say she is incredibly sweet, overbred, emaciated, deaf and life has not been kind to her. Today, Majesty’s life changed, and with everyone’s help, from this day forward, her life will be filled with love and happiness.

Follow Majesty’s story here.

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