Owner devastated after her lost dog went to animal control and was put down on Christmas Day

A dog owner in Champaign County, Illinois, is devastated about the loss of her dog, who was put down at an animal control agency on Christmas Day. Monica Lopez’s dog, Dada, ran off on December 18 and wound up at an area animal control facility.

On December 28, Lopez explained what happened in a social media post, writing:

Animal control told me they had my dog on Wednesday and that he was safe and warm but due to the holidays I couldn’t pick him up until today . They turnt (sic) around and gave me heartbreaking news that he was put down on Christmas day even tho (sic) they told me he was safe and warm. You weren’t just a regular dog . You was my heart, my baby, an angel. Fly high papas

According to WAND 17 News, Lopez has stated that she spoke with someone at the animal control agency on December 22, and they assured her that her dog would be safe until she could pick him up on December 28. But that didn’t happen and for right now, there is no clear explanation of why Dada was put down.

Champaign County executive Darlene Kloeppel tells the news agency that there is more to the story, but did not offer an explanation. She did confirm that the matter is under investigation.

(Lopez photo via Facebook)

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