Owner gutted: Finds fliers saying her missing dog is dead

A dog owner in Gaston, South Carolina, has been searching for her dog, Tess, since late September. The dog vanished when Lori Knight’s home was burglarized on Sept. 27, 2019. Knight has put up numerous fliers in the area and she was recently gutted to find someone else’s flier near her own…the other person’s flier stated that Tess was dead.

Now Knight has nothing but questions – did the person who put up the flier has something to do with Tess’s disappearance and death? Was it just someone being cruel? Why would someone be so callous?

Knight has created a Facebook page to help bring her beloved dog back home, but months have passed and there has been little to no progress. Knight wants closure – good or bad. On Saturday, she wrote a Facebook post asking for help:

Our precious baby girl, we are trying so hard to find you and what happened. We pray that you are safe and still with us. We love and miss you so much. Our beautiful child please be ok, we won’t ever give up.
If anyone knows anything about Tess, bad or good please come forward. We have to know if she is still alive or deceased, either way we need to bring her home please we are begging…we have to know…breaks my heart and crying just writing that. We don’t want to think of anything happening but we know that it is a possibility but won’t stop til we do find her. Please come forward with any information…please help us bring our baby girl home.


You can find Tess’ Facebook page here.

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