Owner wanted to euth’ puppy after accidentally poisoning her

Rather than treating their young puppy for an accidental poison overdose over the weekend, Ginger’s human family decided to ask their veterinarian to euthanize her. Fortunately, the emergency veterinarian hospital called Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform for help saving the puppy’s life.

The puppy had supposedly been given a “horse size”  overdose of Ivermectin.

“Toxicity signs can include any of the following: depression, disorientation, non responsiveness, blindness, drooling, tremors and walking like he/she is ‘drunk.’ More severe signs, especially in the susceptible breeds include low heart rate, low breathing rate, coma and death.”

Ginger had been experiencing depression, blindness, walking in circles, disorientation, drooling and acting as if she was drunk. Fortunately, the puppy is now on her way to recovery. All of the symptoms, if caught in time are reversible. Ginger is currently in foster care and is expected to grow up to be a normal, happy dog.

Another dog rescued with a lot of love. Welcome Ginger – you are one lucky pooch.

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