Owners surrender their dog to shelter with only the word ‘old’ on intake sheet

At the Burlington County Animal Shelter, owners surrendered their dog over the weekend, and when asked to fill out an intake sheet of questions and answers, left the form at the front desk with only the word “old” written on it.

Intake information often can help an unwanted pet find a loving new home. How sad these owners couldn’t reach out with a few extra minutes  and help their dog at a time when he needed them the most.

A volunteer at the shelter was heartbroken and shared the photo of a brokenhearted dog on her social media page asking for help finding a foster home or better yet – a family who could reach out and adopt this 11-year-old pooch.

“Good morning to everyone except the trash family who surrendered their 11 year old dog to BCAS and wrote on the intake sheet nothing but ‘old’,” 🤯 Lauren posted on her Facebook page.

Not much is known about this pup except that he has been described

“…he’s the sweetest thing and loves cats! His face when I was there today broke my heart in a million pieces.”

For more information, contact the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Westhampton Township, New Jersey.

(609) 265-5073
Hours 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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