Owners wanted Layla euth’ed because they needed chain for new puppy

Hand-Me Down Hounds Rescue was created to save the abused, abandoned and neglected dogs of San Antonio, Texas. On Wednesday, Layla’s owners called the shelter to request that their 100-pound dog be picked up to euthanize because she was too big for them to carry.

And when Animal Control officers arrived at the home, they discovered Layla. She only weighed 21.7 pounds, was infested in fleas, stickers and suffering on a chain. The dog’s owners needed the chain for their new puppy.

Hand-Me Down Hounds Rescue has come to Layla’s rescue.

“She is roughly 12-13 yrs. This is beyond disgusting to let a dog get this way. She is skin and bones. We will try to help her. Or make the right decision for her.

This is why I could not be an animal control officer because I would’ve wrapped the chain around that guy’s neck personally before I left the property,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page.

Layla is now being treated at an emergency veterinarian hospital. To help with Layla’s care and ongoing medical expenses, please click here to donate. 

Updates to follow.

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