Pandemic spells crisis for racing greyhounds who need homes

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has created a crisis for racing greyhounds who are in desperate need of homes. The concerning situation was outlined by the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT), who explained what is happening right now:

In light of COVID-19, our lives and the lives of racing greyhounds has changed dramatically today. Florida tracks, which were set to close at the end of the year, are being forced to close months ahead of schedule.

The non-profit organization will need to place dozens of greyhounds much sooner than anticipated because the tracks are already closed. GALT writes:

We just learned the Orlando track is closing permanently TODAY. One hundred dogs are headed north and when the haulers return, they will bring the first load of 28 dogs to GALT.

How to help

If you are in the north/central Texas or Albuquerque/Santa Fe areas and have the space, time and love to share with a recently retired greyhound – PLEASE consider fostering a greyhound. While we have a boarding facility in  North Dallas, we want to get dogs out of the kennel to reduce the strain on our volunteers and very limited kennel staff.

You may send questions to

Fostering information at this link.

Volunteer information here.

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