Pet owner threw ShihTzu puppies off 8th floor for misbehaving

In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, a man was arrested in the Indian city of Gurugram on Monday for allegedly throwing two Shih Tzu puppies off the eighth floor of his apartment building for misbehaving. Both puppies died.

According to the Times of India, morning walkers were shocked as the two puppies fell to the ground. When they looked up, the witnesses saw the owner staring down over his balcony. Residents of the building tried to contact the owner, but he refused to take any calls.

The police were called and Saif Azhar Abdul Hasan, 25, was arrested; he has since bailed out of custody. Both puppies, a nine-month-old male and female died from the impact of the fall. Saif stated he became angry with the puppies because they were misbehaving and “not listening to his commands,” insisting after scolding the puppies, the little ones ran off the balcony in fear.

Hasan, a doctor working in a local hospital for medical tourism had been booked for negligence and cruelty to animals.

“We have arrested the accused but he is repeatedly denying intentional hurt to the animals. The residents are, however, claiming that he did so for sadistic pleasure. We are investigating the matter,” a police spokesperson told media reporters.

Rest in peace little puppies. You never had a chance to experience the wonderful things in life.

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