PJ adoption night worked! Bonded shelter friends have found a home

Volunteers with City Dogs Cleveland had a fantastic idea to find two overlooked dogs a forever home. Earlier this month, the volunteers pulled bonded friends, Niles and Frasier, from the shelter and took them for a fun, overnight hotel stay. While there, the dogs were dressed in adorable pajamas and the photos were shared on Facebook.

Fast forward to today – the dogs have a new family! The fabulous news was shared with followers of the animal welfare agency, who wrote:

Before our usual adoption update post, we have a special one to share as so much love and teamwork went into this one! Our adorable duo Niles and Frasier are ADOPTED… together!

With an explanation of the power of social media (and photogenic dogs in darling pjs!)

These brothers quickly stole hearts at the kennel among volunteers and staff, but they were taking a little while to find their home. Two of our volunteers had the great idea to bust the boys out for an overnight at a hotel to give them some more exposure. Apparently, the two of them twinning in jammies on a sleepover struck a chord, as the resulting pictures took off


The brothers received a number of great inquiries, and we are so appreciative of the outpouring of interest and support for them. A wonderful couple saw their story, and came too meet them soon after. We are thrilled to say the two are in their home just in time for the holidays!

Find the original story about Niles and Frasier at this link.

Let’s hear it for innovative shelter volunteers, people who network, and awesome adopters!

Enjoy your new life pups!

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