Police officer caught on dash cam coming to rescue of dog hit by car

In Pinellas Park, Florida, a police officer has been receiving praise for rescuing a dog hit by a car on a busy interstate highway on Monday.

According to the Pinellas Park Police Department Facebook page, Officer Joseph Puglia spotted the dog dashing across I-275 near 38th Ave North when he was struck by a vehicle. The officer swerved over to block the dog from traffic and rushed him to the Pinellas Animal Hospital.

Dashcam video showed Officer Puglia pull over and rush out of his patrol car to come to the dog’s aid. He wrapped the dog in an emergency blanket, and the animal hospital awaited the officer and the dog’s arrival.

The dog, who had no tag or collar, is expected to make a full recovery. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries. He was taken to the Pinellas County Animal Services.

“We nicknamed him ‘Lucky’ and I think the name applies and he’s definitely one lucky dog,” the officer said.

If Lucky’s owner does not show up, Officer Puglia stated he has family members who would love to adopt the sweet dog.

“This incident is just another example of the dedication and compassion our officers have for our four legged friends. Great job to Ofc. Puglia.”

Many thanks to our heroes.

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