Police officer gets brief suspension after letting his K9 partner die in hot car

An Arizona police officer received a brief suspension, but kept his job, after his K9 partner died inside of a hot patrol vehicle earlier this year. According to multiple sources, Officer Craig Curry, with the Maricopa Police Department, was given a 20-hour suspension for the death of his K9 partner, Ike, who died of heatstroke after being left in a patrol vehicle on a day in June when the temperature climbed to 108-degrees.

Ike, a Belgian Malinois, was suffering from extreme heat stroke by the time that Curry pulled him out of the vehicle. Curry found the dog “with glossy eyes and panting heavily” when he went to check on him nearly two hours after exiting the vehicle. The dog was so impacted by the extreme heat that he had to be euthanized.

An investigation revealed that Curry had failed to check on Ike every 30 minutes, as is required by the department. He also failed to take a pager with him which would have alerted him if the interior of the patrol vehicle got too hot. ABC 15 news reports that the investigation also revealed that Curry, “had the ability to park in a shaded spot, had the ability to bring his K9 inside the building, or had the ability to repeatedly check on K9 Ike throughout his meeting.”

Ike had worked with the department for 11 years. There will be no criminal charges against his handler.

(Maricopa Police Department image)

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