Police search for cruel person who hurled dog from cliff into the sea

The authorities are searching for the person who cruelly hurled a dog from a cliff, into the sea. As reported by the Daily Mail, video footage captured the black and white dog falling from the cliff into the sea near Falmouth, Cornwall. The dog survived the plunge and can be seen struggling to swim back to shore.

The video clip, which can be viewed at The Sun, shows a young man (face blurred) holding a terrified dog and then throwing the pooch into the sea. Whoever is taking the video can be heard laughing.

The Falmouth Police have acknowledged their awareness of the incident and have asked the public to refrain from intruding or posting inappropriate comments.

Though the video doesn’t show the outcome for the dog, the authorities have confirmed that the pup survived and is unharmed, reports Cornwall Live.

Comments on Twitter suggest that the identity of the people involved is known…and that the video of the act is still beint circulated via social media.

(Screenshot of video)


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