Portrait of a dumped dog who will die at the end of the day

At the Nueces County shelter in Texas, we will likely say goodbye to Boy. Sadly, Boy is the portrait of a dumped dog. His family surrendered him to the shelter for being “too big.”

And here Boy waits to die at the end of the day. He is sullen, dejected and depressed, but his previous owners complained their dog was just too big; he ate too much, defecated too much and needed too much attention. And instead of being a responsible dog owner, it was much easier to just drop him off at the shelter even though the staff at the desk informed the owners Boy would likely be euthanized.

Very little is known about Boy, although he does seem calm, non aggressive and very quiet. Tragically, he will soon be gone, and his story will never be told or know another day.

Please share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. He is located at Rural Nueces County South Texas. Follow his story here.

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