Puppy found locked in a rusted crate in middle of trash heap

Early Friday morning, a Good Samaritan found a puppy locked inside of a rusted crate in the Houston area of Texas. No one knows how long the innocent victim of animal cruelty had been lying in the middle of a trash heap waiting for help.

The six-week-old puppy was rushed to an emergency veterinarian who discovered the tiny pup with no tail had maggots in her wounds, was full of worms, had a bruise on her eye and urine burns.

Because of the seriousness of the puppy’s condition, ThisIsHouston has taken over the puppy’s care. She was rushed to Vergi24/7 and will stay on supportive care which will give the puppy, now named Grace, the best chance at a recovery.

“Grace is currently undergoing a blood transfusion. She wasn’t moving at all upon arrival and was moaning.

She has coccidia and hookworms and is anemic – hence the transfusion. She doesn’t have any reflex in her eyes currently. A tear test was taken and ruled out any ulcers in her eyes. The staff at

gave her a poor prognosis, which is what most of our babies get.

So we will give Grace all the time she needs and we will keep her hospitalized getting the best possible care until her body decides the next move. The ball is in your court, little one. Get better soon…
She is getting a blood transfusion but not improving at all. She is moaning and her heart rate has increased. She’s getting the best possible chance, but we’re not sure if we got her on time.”
To donate to Grace:
Call Vergi at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston

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