Puppy shot in muzzle at close range getting help from local rescue

On Pawley’s Island in South Carolina, an animal rescue has stepped forward to help a one-year-old puppy who had been shot in his muzzle at close range late last month.

According to All 4 Paws Animal Rescue the dog dubbed Smokey had been brought to the county animal shelter last month after having been picked up in Aynor.

“The county shelter cleaned the wound and asked for help. He needed more care than they could give. As we have done in the past in times of great need for our furry friends, All4Paws answered the call to action. We took in this sweet boy not knowing how extensive his needs would be but knowing that he needed our help.”

Smokey underwent surgery and is scheduled for another one in order to repair the hole that went through the roof of his mouth and upper jaw. At this time he is not able to eat dry food and liquified food has to be prepared. Smokey sneezes his food out from his nose and is not receiving enough calories to sustain his weight besides having breathing difficulties.

You can help Smokey and all the abused animals being helped by donating to their Compassion Fund. The Compassion Fund was set up for animals such as Smokey; animals who other shelters lack the means or capacity to help…animals whom may otherwise suffer or be euthanized if it was not for programs like All4Paws’ Compassion Fund.

Help Smokey and show your commitment to animals who deserve better than what he suffered at the hands of a human by donating today. Go to: https://all4pawssc.org/donate/compassion-fund and click the green button to donate.

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