Puppy surrendered to Texas shelter because she had seizures

At a Houston shelter, a nine-week-old puppy found herself at a Texas high kill shelter through no fault of her own. She has a history of seizures. Instead of taking the puppy to a veterinarian for an examination, diagnosis and possible treatments, the owner surrendered the adorable white fluffy pooch to a shelter due to “cost” issues.

ThisIsHouston rescued her on Thursday and rushed her to the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists who monitored her for 24 hours. Her blood work came out normal, and she was released to her foster home.

No seizures for 24 hours for this sweet girl! Gulf Coast didn’t have enough history to do an MRI, but they did hospitalize her and monitor her overnight. She’s with her foster now and will continue to be monitored.
She also has a pretty significant overbite and also ingrown toes but she’s as sweet as ever!

On Friday, Shiloh had a seizure.

“Our newest girl, Shiloh, had her first seizure with us. We knew she had a history of seizures when we pulled her from the shelter, but she hadn’t had one until almost 48 hours after we rescued her,” the organization posted on their social media page.

“… went to the vet for an exam today. They referred to her as a “half baked cookie”  she has sight problems, and either a UTI or urinary issues in general from being underdeveloped. In addition to this, she has a rash on her belly that the vet suspects is from laying in her urine for a long period of time.

Shiloh’s prognosis is unknown at this time. She is displaying many neurological issues, and it is hoped to get her back to the neurology department as soon as possible for a CT scan and MRI.

“She’s a very sweet girl despite her issues. And a neurological puppy is a first for us, but we’ll take this journey with her and see where it takes us.”

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