Rae, the adorable, one-eared ‘unicorn’ puppy who everyone loves

An adorable, one-eared “unicorn” puppy has captured the heart of the world. Her name is Rae and she has been dubbed a “unicorn” puppy because her solo ear migrated to the top of her head, giving her a unique and undeniably adorable appearance.

Rae has a popular Instagram account (@goldenunicornrae) with nearly 95,000 devoted fans. On the Instagram account, Rae’s owner explains how the pup came to have a “unicorn” ear, writing:

Rae the 🦄 Golden Retriever
I’m a one eared golden retriever! Accidental injury at birth left me with only my right ear. As I grew, it migrated to the top of my head.

WCYB News explains that Rae’s ear was accidentally ripped off when her mom tore open the amniotic sac at birth. Aside from looking a bit different, Rae appears to be otherwise completely normal and happy. Follow her escapades on Instagram at this link.

(Image via Instagram/@goldenunicornrae)

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