Rescue agency helps struggling, abandoned puppy whose puppy friend died

An Ohio rescue agency is fighting to save a struggling puppy who lost his badly neglected canine friend. Good Samaritans found the two puppies, who were apparently abandoned, and turned them over to Joseph’s Legacy.

On June 5, the rescue organization stated:

We are so incredibly sad. We picked these babies up from the Trotwood, OH area at 4:30 pm and the female, the white/grey passed away just as the transporter was leaving. The first two photos are from the kind humans who found them.

And describing the surviving pup’s dire condition:

The boy is hanging on for his life, parvo negative. We cannot imagine who or why anyone would allow this to happen. Please keep this boy in your prayers as we are trying so hard to get him on the road to recovery.

Subsequent posts show a healthier puppy, who is thriving now that he is being provided with food. The rescue group writes:

Enjoying some time outside today. It’s crazy how just a few short days, how well he looks! FOOD is important! If you cannot afford food, please let us know! We will help you! There’s no reason to not allow them their basic needs.

Find Joseph’s Legacy on Facebook here.

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