Rescue group fights to save critically ill puppy, surrendered near death over the weekend

An Ohio rescue agency is fighting to save the life of a critically ill puppy, who was surrendered “near death” over the weekend. The Lucas County Pit Crew did not expect the nine-month-old puppy, dubbed Bogey, to make it through that first night. The ailing pup, too weak to stand or walk, is nothing more than skin and bones.

The morning after Bogey’s arrival, the rescue group alerted Facebook followers that he was still alive, writing:

Bogey has made it through the night! He has eaten a teaspoon of food and has fallen back asleep. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as his condition remains critical.

A subsequent update reads:

Bogey is still critical but is maintaining his own body temperature now! He is not yet able to stand but he is moving his head and trying to give kisses.

The sickly pup has shown that he wants to live and the rescue organization, and veterinary team, are doing their utmost to make that happen.

Find the Lucas County Pit Crew on Facebook here.

As reported by ABC 13 News, the Toledo Area Humane Society is investigating the case.

(Image via Lucas County Pit Crew Facebook page)

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