Rescue groups saves 20 golden retrievers from Chinese slaughterhouse

In the United States, golden retrievers are one of the most beloved and popular breeds of dogs. But that isn’t the case everywhere – in fact, in China, the dogs can be slaughtered for meat. Thanks to a Florida-based rescue group, 20 of these dogs have been given a new lease on life.

The Golden Rescue South Florida agency just brought 20 golden retrievers to the U.S. from China. It was a daunting (and expensive) task, but thanks to their efforts, these dogs are safe. On Monday, the rescue group updated Facebook followers about what went into making the overseas rescue effort possible, writing:

20 hours have passed since our 20 Golden Retrievers arrived…finally and miraculously, SAFELY. What a project! There are NO WORDS that can fully describe the job Kristine did. Months of paperwork, hurdles, refusals (she was told we COULDN’T POSSIBLY fly them into Miami) ha, don’t tell Kristine that!


Medical paperwork, vaccinations, the list of details goes on and on. She handled all that! We know what her stress level was.! Oh and don’t forget. She has a full time job teaching Special Ed kids and a part time job as a server @Outback Restaurant.

Unfortunately it wasn’t smooth sailing – thanks to a mechanical problem with the airplane, the dogs were held over in Taiwan for 40 hrs. With the help of other agencies, the dogs were cared for and eventually, made their way to the U.S. as planned. The group writes:

They arrived Sunday morning. And here’s where our AMAZING, wonderful, caring volunteers come in. We had 20 volunteers at the airport…sleeves rolled up…ready to help! And help THEY DID! Let’s start with two of our previous adopter/ volunteers who both are vet techs. They were there to do a medical check on each dog.

A team of volunteers went to work cleaning the dogs after their long journey, and broke down the crates for transport. Fortunately, the dogs did well on the trek and were in good condition when they arrived. And the goldens were the perfect example of amicable goldens. The group writes:

After all they’d been through…out they came as Goldens are. Joyful, tags wagging…kisses given. OMG what a joy to see! What an incredible undertaking. What an incredible undertaking! And guess what. We’re going to DO IT AGAIN…soon.

Find the rescue group on Facebook here.

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