Rescue sought for morbidly obese dog surrendered to shelter

A rescue group is being sought for a morbidly obese dog who was surrendered to the Granville County Animal shelter in Oxford, North Carolina. The plight of the senior dog was brought to light by the Granville County Animal Shelter Friends Facebook page on Wednesday, which wrote:

Intake: 4-28-20
10 years old.
137 lbs.
Owner Surrender/
This girl is obese, is having difficulty walking.

Nobody knows how or why Symone became so overweight – but it is clear that she needs help to shed the pounds. Her weight is so excessive that everything is difficult for her, and she is undoubtedly uncomfortable and likely in pain.

Rescue groups willing and able to help can reach the shelter at:

Granville County Animal Shelter
5650 Cornwall Rd.
Oxford, NC


Learn more about Granville County Animal Shelter Friends at this link.

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