Rescued, abused dog teaches us resilience in times of crisis

Egg Roll, a stray dog, taken in by the Stafford SPCA  in Stafford, Virginia is a lesson to all on resilience of spirit and rising above personal suffering in the time of crisis.

When Egg Roll  was found and brought into the shelter on April 11, 2020, she was in horrible shape. Her body from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail told a story of a lifetime of mistreatment. This dog had been used, abused and then discarded without ever having been loved.

The shelter does not know her full story, and sadly there is no way to know who inflicted this suffering on Egg Roll to hold them accountable for her abuse. Her injuries were many and included a break in her leg that is years old but never received treatment. Because the break did not properly heal, Egg Roll walks with a significant limp.  Her muscles are atrophied, and her front legs are covered in scars and scratches. Some appear old but some were fresh and still healing when she was brought into the shelter.

Her poor tongue had significant tears in it with chunks taken out. The shelter surmises she had to defend herself against another dog or dogs. It’s evident Egg Roll was used as a breeder dog and has had countless litters which have taken a toll on her already broken body.  Her nipples are distended, and her mammary glands are sagging. She also has multiple tumors on her mammary glands and a mast cell tumor on her good leg.

All in all, Egg Roll has had a rough life filled with mistreatment and neglect.The positive news is; the prognosis for surgery is good according to the Stafford SPCA.

Although Egg Roll’s body is broken, her spirit is not. This optimistic girl loves humans despite having been mistreated her whole life. She knows how to give and receive love. Her spirit exudes nothing but resilience, optimism, and hope, and she loves the kind touch of humans.

Egg Roll has quite a fight ahead of her, but the Stafford SPCA staff knows she can win it, and they are happy to be part of her healing journey. She has many long, happy, healthy years ahead of her once she gets through all her surgeries and treatments.

First and foremost, she will need the surgery to remove the tumors. Afterward, her leg will have to be reconstructed. This will involve an orthopedic specialist re-breaking her leg and resetting it properly this time.

The cost of her surgeries will be quite expensive. Unfortunately, the work of animal rescuers does not stop during the Corona Virus. The shelter like everyone is tapped out due to the recent pandemic.

The cost of her vet work, blood panels, and surgeries to remove her tumors will be in the range of $2,000 (to include her spay surgery while she’s under, so that she’ll never have to worry about being bred again). The cost of her leg reconstruction with an orthopedic specialist could be in the range of up to $3,000… perhaps even more.

All donations are most appreciated and will help make this broken girl whole again. It will improve Egg Roll’s quality of life and secure a happy future for her. Any money raised above and beyond the cost of Egg Roll’s surgeries and treatments will go to help other animals in need at the shelter.

Egg Roll deserves good years now that she is finally away from the hell she came from. Despite her trauma and heartache, she has shown nothing but love and patience,

Watch her inspiring  video here

Give if you can, and be a part of Egg Roll’s story of hope.

Or on the Stafford SPCA web page

In these unprecedented times of fear, uncertainty and tragedy, dogs like Egg Roll teach us about optimism and resilience of spirit.

We all have the ability to rise above suffering and challenges and in turn help others in their personal battles.

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