Rescued dog alerted owners to neighbor’s home on fire

In Nashville, Tennessee, a rescued dog became a hero on July 4th when she alerted her owners to a neighbor’s home on fire after consumer fireworks.

According to a press release in Franklin, Roux, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois barked frantically at her owner, Jeff LeCates’ front door late in the evening. When LeCates opened the door the dog ran outside, and that is when the man noticed the house next door was on fire. He ran over the house and pounded on the door to awaken the family of three and their pets.

Franklin Fire Marshal Andy King stated the fire began after the homeowner had disposed of their own fireworks next to a trash can with other combustibles. The fire burned a portion of the home’s exterior, attic and garage.

The woman who lives in the home that caught fire helped LeCates adopt Roux last year.

Fireworks are prohibited in Franklin.

What a hero you are Roux.

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