Sad mother dog alone and waiting after her pups adopted and she wasn’t

A sad mother dog waits for her moment to be noticed at an animal control agency in North Carolina. On Tuesday, the Craven County Sheriff’s Office – Animal Protective Services turned to social media in an attempt to find the dog, dubbed Sophia, a home.

A Facebook post explains that Sophia’s puppies have been adopted, but no one has yet chosen to give her a home:

Sophia is so grateful that all of her pups were adopted today, but she is a little depressed that nobody chose her & she is now alone.

According to the animal welfare agency, Sophia is a “great mom,” who is very sweet. On the Facebook post, one woman provides a bit more insight to Sophia’s personality, writing:

Tonight she climbed into my lap and fell asleep. It killed me to wake her and put her back in her cage. Gave her a couple snacks and she doesn’t seem to mind cats or dogs. She was kissing dogs through the gate on her way back to her room. Honestly, someone must get this wonderful dog.

Please help Sophia find her way to a new home by sharing this article. Find Sophia on Facebook here.

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