Saddest dog ever: Pepper dumped at shelter at 13-years-old

Pepper might be the saddest dog ever. At 13-years-old, he was brought into a Texas shelter and left on the cold, filthy floor. Without a look of remorse, his owners walked away and left him to die. For years, Pepper had been neglected; and this was to be his fate.

“This poor dog has suffered unimaginable pain and abuse,” posted Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the organization that stepped up to help Pepper on Friday evening. “We saw Pepper at the shelter and we knew he could not die there.”

Sadly, the dog suffers from a burst tumor on his neck that had been growing for an extended length of time and never treated. He also has tumors on his abdomen, can barely walk and falls easily.

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