Scared dogs have to be carried outside by shelter volunteers

Two dogs at a North Carolina animal shelter are so frightened by their current predicament that they have to be carried outside by shelter volunteers. On Wednesday, the Friends of Haywood County Animal Shelter Facebook page created a post about the two frightened dogs, writing:

Not all that come through our doors are happy to be here. Meet Mary Jane and Joseph . They were brought into us 2 weeks ago as strays. Its heart-wrenching, to see them stick their noses in the corner and hide.

Shelter staff are doing their utmost to help these pups feel more comfortable – the page writes:

Staff go inside their kennels daily. If nothing else , just to sit there. No eye contact. Just to let them know that all will be okay. Joseph is coming around and both are now allowing neck and ear rubs.

Joseph is learning that people are there to help him and he has developed a love of peanut butter:

Joseph LOVES peanut butter and has his very own jar, in the cabinet. Now, when we go inside his kennel, you better have his peanut butter, or he will snub you😉. He will still wag his tail, but he will also paw at his blanket to remind you… bring him his jar of goods.

Mary Jane watches Joseph and staff is certain that eventually she will learn to trust as well. When these frightened pups are ready, they will be able to leave the shelter and go to a home.

You can follow Joseph and Mary Jane as they learn to trust at this link to the Friends of Haywood  County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

(Image via Facebook)

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