Senior Boxer left baking in the sun after being abandoned on freeway

An elderly Boxer was abandoned on the side of a busy freeway near Fontana, California on Sunday morning. Whoever dumped her, left the poor dog baking in the sun. Fortunately, Good Samaritans stopped to help her, waited more than two hours for animal control to arrive, but finally had to take the dog themselves.

Dream Fetchers Project Rescue has stepped forward to help. She has been given the name Sierra, and her condition is concerning. She has clearly been neglected, her skin is irritated and she has cuts and scrapes all over her body. Sierra also has a large tumor on her foot which appears to have pushed her toenails out.

Meet Sierra:

Sierra is a very sweet older gal and will soon arrive at the veterinarian hospital for an examination and treatment.

On her way to the vet:

This is a developing story. We will update as information becomes available.

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