Senior Dachshund with heartbreaking video at shelter rescued

A ten-year-old Dachshund had been waiting for someone to hold him and tell him everything would be fine. Instead he cowered in the corner of his shelter cage at Riverside County Animal Control. On Saturday morning Hero was rescued.

“Look who we have,” posted animal rescue group Leave No Paws Behind…”We have had our eye on him for some time and we saw comments that ‘he had a plan’, ‘we are working on him,’ ‘we are going to get him,’ etc. etc.!”

Tiny Hero had been at the shelter since April 11, but Saturday was the day his new life would begin.

“Hero came to life the moment he was out of the kennel and out of the shelter! When we arrived the staff saw the LNPB shirt and excitedly said ‘OMG are you here for Hero’”?

And off he went. Sadly, Hero has a huge tumor on one testicle, and it is suspected that the mass might be cancerous, however once the testicle is removed and he is neutered, he could be fine. A tumor on his chest is also worrisome, and until a biopsy is done, an accurate diagnosis can not be made. He has cherry eye in both eyes, but for now the removal of his tumors remain the focus.

“We have received an estimate of $1,362.73-$1,427.71. This includes blood work, fecal, de worming, bath, neuter, hospital stay, tumor removal , xrays and biopsy. Please help us continue to help him, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible.”

Hero does have a medical foster and will no longer be alone. Follow his progress on the organization’s Facebook page. To help Hero, please click here.

Read Hero’s previous coverage and video here.

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