Senior dog shot protecting owner from armed robber

A senior dog was shot while protecting his owner from an armed robber in Wilmington, N.C. As reported by CBS 17 News, the 12-year-old dog, named Skyler, ran out of the house when a man attempted to rob his owner, Anthony Lane.

Lane tells the news agency:

“He did what he was supposed to do… he ran towards it instead of running from it. He saved my life, I was dead. That bullet grazed me and I fell on the ground trying to get away. I was stuck on the ground. I would have been dead if he had another chance to shoot at me,”

Lane believes that the man followed him home after seeing that he had won money on a lottery scratch ticket at a nearby convenience store. The protective dog was shot four times by the armed man – he had to undergo emergency surgery and may lose a leg.

The shooter is described as a “young, dark-skinned, wearing a gray hoodie, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.”

(Screenshot via CBS 17)

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