Senior dog surrendered nearly 2 years ago – she is still waiting to be loved again

Nearly two years ago, a dog was given up by her family because of a baby in the household. Today, the senior dog continues to wait for someone to love her again. The eight-and-a-half-year-old dog, named Gucci, is at the Town of Hempstead Shelter in New York.

On Tuesday morning, the animal welfare agency issued a plea on her behalf, writing:

Gucci is 8 1/2 years old and came to us as an owner surrender in July 2018 because her owner said she never adjusted well to the new baby in the home. Gucci’s owners had her since she was a puppy, so we are very heartbroken for Gucci.


Gucci’s owner said she was very nice with strangers and is affectionate, house trained and crate trained. They also said she knows the commands “sit” and “come”. Gucci lived with another dog previously but she is currently on the search for a solo pet home. She also has gone out on a few foster day field trips and has done wonderfully, meeting new people and exploring the world a little bit!!

Helping Gucci be loved again

Gucci’s heart was broken when the only family she ever knew surrendered her to the shelter. Please help mend her broken heart by sharing her story and helping it reach the person who can offer her a new life.

If you are interested in meeting Gucci, please email:

Location: 3320 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh, New York

Phone: (516) 785-5220

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