Senior Pomeranian left in shelter parking lot tied in grocery bag

At the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, California, staff members were shocked on Wednesday to discover a ten-pound Pomeranian abandoned in the shelter parking lot. The 15-year-old pup had been left alone and tied in a plastic grocery bag.

The female senior appears to have some arthritis and will remain on a stray hold until October 31. Animal advocates have expressed both anger and sadness, and one would be hard-pressed to justify anyone just leaving a defenseless dog alone outside – much less tied in a plastic grocery bag as if she was trash.

“Omg who does this ? No dignity….. I understand if he’s too much to care for but at least hand him over, ask for help, say goodbye…..”

And another:

“What the heck. After reaching the age of 15 to be treated like this. Any age is bad. But so sweet. Doesn’t even have water. I hope someone loves him and gives him a home.”

Fortunately, a rescue organization has stepped forward, and after the dog’s waiting period is over, Big Bones Canine Rescue – Little Bones Division is scheduled to care for her.

Many thanks to all of the angels who still watch out for the innocent little victims of cruelty and neglect.

Updates to follow.

For more information, please contact:

Ramona Humane Society
690 Humane Way
San Jacinto, CA 92582
951-654-8002 x 224

(Photos via Cindy Sorensen)

Rescues: Please contact Jose Adrian Farias, the Rescue Coordinator by email only please

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