Seriously injured 3-month-old puppy dumped on side of road

Who can imagine a three-month-old puppy dumped on the side of a road in South Carolina with serious injuries? According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the organization that has stepped up to help, the pup was malnourished, dehydrated and had a prolapsed rectum.

Although it is unknown how the puppy’s prolapsed rectum happened, parasitic infections are the most common cause even though there are several other possible reasons. The condition most often occurs in puppies under the age of six months, although it can happen to a dog of any age.

According to PetMD, other contributing factors include:

  • Disorders of the digestive system that cause diarrhea, straining while passing stools, presence of worms or other parasites in the digestive system, and inflammation of the small or large intestines
  • Disorders of the urinary and genital systems, such as inflammation or enlargement of the prostate, inflammation of the bladder, urinary stones, and abnormal labor or birthing process
  • Chronic constipation, presence of sac-like protrusions in the intestine, rectal or anal tumors, or deviation of the rectum from its usual position

The puppy, now named MacKenzie, was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for life saving treatment.

A Saturday update from Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, reported to Pet Rescue Report that MacKenzie successfully underwent surgery on Friday. Updates to follow.

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