Severely neglected, bonded dogs dumped by at high kill shelter

At the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, a pair of bonded, senior dogs were unceremoniously surrendered on Sunday. Both dogs appeared to have been neglected; the female pooch infested with fleas.

Senior FRANKIE #A533259 RESCUE ONLY (medical) Available 7/17/20
“Frankie is a 8 year old male Bully mix bonded with #A533260 Grace. They’ve had a rough life and are listed as rescue only for fly strikes, his age and her skin conditions. Frankie came in with Grace , please help foster, share or donate for medical help…,” a rescue volunteer writes on social media hoping to find help for the dogs.
GRACE #A533260  has been bred over and over and over again until her body could physically no longer birth more puppies. She was her owners money making machine. When she could no longer produce puppies, they surrendered her to the shelter. She is medically alerted because her body is decrepit with years of breeding. She came in with a male dog most likely her breeding partner, but he’s no longer listed.
For all rescues and adopters, please take note that San Bernardino City Animal Shelter will not allow you to adopt or rescue any animal unless you first call to make an appointment. Their doors are locked and closed to the public, so make sure you call in advance, confirm your appt. date/time (get the person’s name who confirmed, too) and show up on time.
Shelter’s address is 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA Telephone (909) 384-1304 OR (909) 384-7272 To place a rescue hold on any animal, please provide the name of your rescue, the name of your puller, the date of the pull, the animal’s ID# and send email to:
Share Grace and Frankie with friends, family, social media and approved rescue organizations. Surely these two seniors deserve better than to die alone at a high kill shelter because someone just didn’t want them. Sharing saves lives.

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