Shelter calls out for help for 12-pound poodle needing special care

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, a plea went out on Friday morning asking for someone to help a ten-year-old poodle who needs special medical intervention the shelter is not equipped to provide.

According to animal advocates, the 12-pound little dog has special needs. His medical records include the following:

“P.O. Senior, intact male poodle type K9 presenting with
bilateral dry sticky ocular discharge. hazy corneas, acts vision impaired-
Recently groomed, Ambulatory x 4,
*Coughing/Sneezing/Vomiting/Diarrhea: Persistent honking cough once it starts up.
*Ocular/Nasal Discharge: nasal d/c /top of nose is crusted.
*Respiratory problems: honking cough
*Oral disease: +++ moderate – heavy tartar.
*Ocular problems: Thickened, sticky discharge OO, both cornea surfaces with hazy appearance, small growth upper left eyelid, possibly in medial conjunctiva as well, lower right eyelid turns inward
*Ear problems: – walnut size mass – proximal end left pinna.
*Orthopedic problems: Ambulatory
*Wounds: slightly moist pink growth medial left stifle.
*Skin conditions: clean, recently groomed. – multiple wart-like growths on skin ( nape of neck, left stifle)
*Other findings: Possibly blind or vision impaired.”
Kongo arrived at the shelter as a stray, but had been listed as having a possible owner and therefore held until July 17. Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.
KONGO – ID#A1944927
My name is Kongo and I am an unaltered male, white Mixed breed. The shelter thinks I am about 10 years old. I weigh approximately 12 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Jul 17, 2020.
For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles Animal Services – East Valley Shelter at (888) 452-7381
Ask for information about animal ID number A1944927. Contact Angelica Infante at 213.238.4313.
City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services
East Valley Animal Care and Control Center
Telephone ‒ (818) 756-9323
(888) 452-7381
14409 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, CA
Fax: (818) 756-9110
Tuesday – Saturday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Sunday (11 AM – 5 PM)

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