Shelter Crisis: Kennels full, waiting list of surrenders, and no food

A crisis is looming at a Columbia, Mississippi, animal shelter. On Tuesday, the Columbia Police Department Animal Control & Rescue outlined the problems that the shelter is currently facing:

WE ARE FULL! We have no open kennels, we have a list of people needing to surrender dogs and puppies. Our food freezers are empty we are out of dog food, we may have enough in the cans for another day or 2. We cannot take anymore kittens or cats, until further notice, they are under quarantine for coccidia.

Why do situations like this arise? Because of irresponsible pet owners. The shelter writes:

Do you want us to be able to maintain a NO KILL percentages? The only way to do that is be responsible and spray and neuter your DANG ANIMALS!!

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

Phone: (601) 731-2991

Send Message:

Address: 177 Airport Rd Columbia, MS 39429

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