Shelter’s longest resident, forgotten and passed by – ‘nobody notices me’

Pepsi, the longest resident at the Babylon Animal Shelter in Amityville, New York. The dog, who was picked up as a stray over a year-and-a-half ago, had an owner, but that person never came to get him.

Sadly, nobody seems to notice Pepsi inside of his kennel run at the shelter facility. A social media post made on Pepsi’s behalf reads:

I have been at the shelter since February 11, 2019
I try so hard but no matter what I do no one seems to notice me. I am a little shy at first but once I get to know you I warm up pretty quickly.
Problem is no one wants to give me a chance, they just walk by my kennel, never even taking a second look at me 💔

Saving Pepsi

Do you have room in your heart for this forgotten dog?
Please contact:
Babylon Animal Shelter
80 New Highway
Amityville, New York
(631) 643-9270

Note: Best as the only pet in the household. Age between three and four years.

Facebook page for Pepsi here.

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