Shepherd is perfect but no one has come to adopt him

Meet Ringo Starr. This handsome four-year-old German shepherd is nearly perfect; he has a sweet smile, does a perfect sit and has a warm personality. So why hasn’t someone rushed over to the Downey Animal Care Center and adopted him?

Maybe he just needs to be seen more? After all, it’s so easy for a stray pooch to become just a number.

Check out Ringo Starr’s video:

This is a boy who has both personality and looks. He would do best with a calm, female dog. Please share his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Let’s bring this dog’s story out to everyone and give him the life he deserves as a loved and cherished canine partner.

ID: #A5357938


Sex: M

Age: 4 years and 1.00 months

Location: Downey
A lot of people are interested in fostering during this time…. contact your favorite reputable rescue
and see about fostering Ringo.

Location: Downey ACC
562-940-8870 call for any information on him and schedule an appointment to get him.
Location: Downey ACC
11258 S Garfield Ave
Downey, CA 90242

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